Fugly Losers Get Mega-Triggered Over Video Of Girls Having Harmless Fun


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A bunch of presumably fugly losers had a mental breakdown on Twitter Tuesday because they saw a video of girls having fun together at a music event.

Footage went viral in late February of a huge group of women dancing at some event I didn’t even know Americans knew how to throw (I figured dancing publicly was banned here since hardly any of y’all ever do it). Literally any woman with a sense of fun, spirit and enjoyment would be hard-pushed not to want to join in the fun, but a bunch of fugly* loser boys on Twitter threw the wettest tantrum over it.

Apparently “men don’t want a women with a loud and crazy spirit,” according to one dude on Twitter who probably wouldn’t know fun if it spat in his face. He then said, “Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive. The woman who fears the Lord will be praised,” which probably means this dude wants to date some meek, pathetic girl (not a woman) who hates herself instead of one who enjoys the spirit of the dance!

This particular fugly loser wasn’t alone in his verbal bed-wetting. Another implied that the content of the video is why men don’t “want western women,” to which social media personality Elijah Schaefer replied, “Are you gay lol?” It seems like this is the post that triggered the virality of the video, but most people thought it was a step too far.

Or, as author Lauren Southern wrote, “It is objectively a better sign of one’s mental and physical health to be out doing nonsense like this vs sitting in a dark room dopamine farming bitterness on the internet,” and I couldn’t agree more! (RELATED: Some Internet Dork Is Trying To Re-Clothe Beautiful Women Because Of ‘Dignity.’ It Is Pathetic)

To anyone, man or woman, who doesn’t like the content of this clip, rest assured in the knowledge that no one wants to hang out with you anyway, so there isn’t really an issue here.

And y’all, if you think this is bad, you’re going to absolutely hate it when real European EDM and house music become mainstream in the U.S. Those beats will turn every bar into a nightclub, even the most divey of them. And I can’t freaking wait!

*fugly losers should be applied in this context to literally anyone I feel is stupid and boring, which is you if you hate dancing and having fun