Police Completely Manhandle Idiot Fan Out Of The Arena After He Throws Beer On The Court During Texas Tech-Texas Game

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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And this is why we love college sports, ladies and gentlemen.

The Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech Red Raiders squared off in a good ol’ fashioned rivalry college basketball game Tuesday night, and like most rivalries, there was no love lost in this game.

Throughout the contest, the Longhorns steamrolled the Red Raiders, and with Texas Tech being the better team on paper and having the homecourt advantage, it’s safe to say their fans weren’t happy about it at all. (RELATED: Crowd Evacuated After Fire Alarms Go Off To Halt Intense Wisconsin-Indiana College Basketball Game)

And then you had this guy Brock Cunningham (Texas’ forward) make everything worse for the Red Raiders faithful.

With 10:16 left to go in the game, he was chasing for the ball when he absolutely clocked a Texas Tech player in such an inappropriate fashion, and rightfully so, he was ejected by officials.

But Texas Tech fans still weren’t happy. Already losing and now one of their players getting popped, they were LIVID.

They were so angry that one fan launched a beer on the court, but unfortunately for him, America’s finest caught him in the act. And boy oh boy, did they let this guy have it, dragging him out of the arena in a complete manhandle.

But that didn’t stop some of the other Red Raiders fans, who also got involved in the action. Hell, Texas Tech head coach Grant McCasland even had to get on a microphone to tell the fans to calm down.

This is college basketball at its finest.