Video Shows Trapped Zookeepers Narrowly Escape Dangerous Encounter With Gorilla


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A video posted on TikTok Thursday shows two Texas zookeepers get unexpectedly trapped in an exhibit with a gorilla, USA Today reported.

The video from Oct. 23 shows two Fort Worth Zoo employees still inside the gorilla’s display area when the beast enters, according to USA Today.

While the ape is seen following one of the zookeeper’s shadows, visitors can be heard on the video panicking and praying.

“Oh my gosh, God help her, God help her, God help her,” a woman says. (RELATED: Zoo Visitor Forced To Wrestle Alligator And Save Employee After It Attempts To Destroy Them)


The employees can be seen calmly slowly and waiting for the moment to escape.


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“Thankfully, there was no physical contact between keepers and gorilla, and all staff and animals are safe,” USA Today reported zoo spokesperson Avery Elander saying in a statement Friday.

Elander said “keeper error” led the zookeepers to enter the yard while the gorilla was still inside, USA Today reported.

“Every day, the zookeepers shift the gorilla troop into their indoor habitat so that keepers can place the animals’ lunch in their outdoor habitat,” Elander told USA TODAY. “The zookeepers work with and train these animals every day and thanks to their knowledge and expertise, they navigated the situation calmly and were able to exit the yard safely.”

One TikTok commentator said, “So glad all of them are safe, silverback too. However, someone should be fired for ignoring safety protocols & not locking his entrance 1st.”

Another said, “This is why animals shouldn’t be caged. Let them be free in their own habitat, not gawked at by people.”

According to an Instagram post, the gorilla is 34 years old and has been on display at the Fort Worth Zoo for many years.