Oregon High School Basketball Player Forced To Miss Rest Of State Tourney After Getting Kicked In Head By Cheerleader

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This is NOT how you get your head in the game.

During a high school basketball game Thursday in Portland, Oregon, a player ended up being kicked in the head by a cheerleader (from his own school, by the way) while pregame introductions were happening. The contest was a part of the OSAA state tournament. (RELATED: ‘You’ll Get Hurt’: UConn’s Dan Hurley — Who I Wanna Hate — Just Gets Cooler And Cooler With Interactions Like This)

A Barlow High School senior, Sentori Martino was running towards the center of the court after he was introduced as a part of the starting lineup, when all of a sudden a cheerleader clipped him with her feet while she was doing a backflip. Instantly, Martino fell to the ground and laid on the court for a few minutes. He didn’t participate in the game.

Martino also didn’t play in the rest of the state tournament.


What a crappy way to get nixed from a state tournament.

I truly feel for this kid. Not only was he not able to play, but he was bounced in such embarrassing fashion. Like damn, y’all know these prick teenagers today are gonna let him have it for being KO’d by a cheerleader. And he couldn’t even get a ring from this disaster of a tournament?

Man … somebody give this kid a scholarship or something, this is rough.