Six Ejected From SEC Championship Game After South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso Smashes LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson

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Is it me, or is women’s basketball getting more and more entertaining?

The South Carolina and LSU women’s basketball teams squared off Sunday in the SEC championship game, with the Gamecocks picking up the title after a 79-72 victory, but the real entertainment came late in the fourth quarter.

After things were getting a little testy between South Carolina and LSU players, Gamecocks forward Kamilla Cardoso ran up on LSU guard Flau’jae Johnson and absolutely hammered her with a big girl push. (RELATED: South Carolina Hits Bizarre Buzzer-Beater In True Dagger-In-The-Heart Fashion To Keep Undefeated Season Alive)

South Carolina guard MiLavsia Fulwiley stole the ball from Johnson, with Johnson responding by wrapping around Fulwiley and being hit with an intentional foul. While headed to the bench, Johnson bumped into USC forward Ashlyn Watkins, and then afterwards, Cardoso rushed into the scene and shoved her down on the court.

In total, four players from South Carolina were ejected from the game, with the Gamecocks only having six players left to choose from. With LSU, they only had five remaining after two were kicked out.

Oh, and on top of that, we also had a fan run onto the court in the middle of this circus, with a police officer trailing.


And we also had this:

I’ve gotta say … I’m diggin’ this new version of women’s basketball.

Here in the modern era, we’ve got players breaking big-time legendary records, fights breaking out, crazy high television ratings, I gotta give it to the ladies: They’re changing their game and it’s becoming entertaining.

Kudos, girls. Kudos.