South Carolina Head Coach Shane Beamer Gets Blasted By His … Son? … For The Gamecocks Being Complete Trash At 2-6

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Now this is a fun little story out of college football.

Here in early November, the South Carolina Gamecocks are sitting at 2-6 on the season. In other words, it’s been an utter disaster for head coach Shane Beamer & Co. this campaign. Coming into 2023, there were high expectations surrounding the program, but South Carolina hasn’t done anything but disappoint.

It has some asking, could this be the beginning of the end for Beamer’s run as skipper? That could be the case, but right now, my man is dealing with some much more sizable problems — his son dragging him for being trash.

Speaking with the media Monday in his weekly press conference, Beamer revealed that not only is he getting heat from the public, but his own son Hunter is giving him crap about his team’s losing season.

“I can take criticism because I get it from my own family. Leave every morning before my wife and kids even wake up. So, I FaceTime at 7:30 on their way into school, and today they were telling me Hunter, my son, has a Halloween parade at his school, where all the kids at school dress up in their Halloween costumes and they walk around the track for however many minutes,” Beamer said. (RELATED: Jim Harbaugh To Reportedly Receive Extension From Michigan After All Amid Sign-Stealing Scandal)

“And, the parents come and they video and all that. I was there for it last year because it was on a Monday. My wife was telling me that he had that today and I said, ‘Why didn’t you guys tell me about it?’ And Emily said, ‘I knew you had practice and meetings, and I didn’t think you’d be able to come. And then Hunter, my son, said, ‘It’s also because you’re 2-6 and need to be in the office working.”