Mary Rooke Calls Out Media For Ignoring Election Integrity, Says ‘Rigged’ Fills That Gap

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Daily Caller columnist Mary Rooke called out the media on WDUN for continually ignoring election integrity, saying the company’s documentary “Rigged” fills that gap.

Rooke appeared on “The Martha Zoller Show” to discuss the importance of Daily Caller’s recent film and the significant information it provides voters regarding the 2020 election. Rooke began by saying while many have discussed the voting system within the U.S., the difference in the Daily Caller’s film is that it allows viewers to understand how states “illegally changed their election laws.” (RELATED: Daily Caller Columnist Mary Rooke Explains Why ‘Rigged’ Is Essential To Voters Understanding Elections)

“So what Daily Caller set out to do is to take all of those election integrity issues that were not really being talked about in mainstream media and dissect them with experts in order for our readers and our watchers to be able to understand exactly what happened and how their votes were maybe misused in the 2020 election. Now we know all of the craziness that happened, and everybody wants to talk about the voting systems and all of that stuff. But what we really went into is how states changed their election laws illegally due to the pandemic and how the Democrats really capitalized on that,” Rooke said

“One of the issues that we talked about, that Georgia actually has already handled with their Georgia Election Integrity Act of 2021, is the fact that Mark Zuckerberg and two other big donors were able to funnel $450 million into what we consider one of the greatest ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaigns [by] the Democratic Party that was ever construed. This is something that’s never happened in America before. Essentially, what it allowed to happen was setting drop boxes in places that had no or little security, people were not able to track the vote, there was no chain of custody from one box to when the vote counted.”

Rooke continued to state that some election rooms within the U.S. had “no bipartisan commission” to check that ballots weren’t being “tampered with,” allowing the American people to rightfully question the current voting system’s integrity. Additionally, Rooke mentioned the upside that election laws now prohibit local officials from accepting ‘non-government funding’ and mandate the state board of elections to “propose a process for distributing private donations.”

“I think that also the ballot dropbox issue was such a major problem that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. We were in the middle of a pandemic, and a lot of people were scared to go and vote in person. A lot of that scare was being pushed by the mainstream media, who then after the 2020 election told all these voters, ‘This is the most secure election in the history of America. Don’t believe your lying eyes. Don’t look at all of the issues that happened, especially in Georgia, with when you have pipes burst and you know, voting stops in the middle of the night, and all of these things start happening.’ It’s hard for the American voter to look back and go, ‘Are you sure this is the most secure? I mean, I know the federal government’s telling me that but it’s not like they’ve always been truthful with me,'” Rooke continued.

“That’s why you see now more people questioning the 2020 election than actually questioned it and 2020 because they can believe themselves, they can see what happened, and everything looked a little bit hinky. So this documentary really goes through not just the donations, but the election laws that were changed, the absentee ballot drop boxes — all of those issues that voters don’t really get a chance to talk about. Because if you do, then you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist and you’re not invited to all the parties anymore.”

“Rigged,” which was released on Jan. 26, delves into the details of the 2020 election laws and the lack of integrity in many states across the U.S., and conveys the history of the American voting system. The outlet’s documentary seeks to reveal to viewers the importance of understanding why the 2020 election turned out the way it did. It also exposes the system that has protected radical tactics through in-depth reporting and researching into election funds and messages.