Criminal Steals All The Bobbleheads Pittsburgh Penguins Were Set To Give Out — Of Course, It Happened In California

Justin Berl/Getty Images

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The Pittsburgh Penguins announced Thursday that a shipment of Jaromir Jagr bobbleheads was stolen in California.

“[T]he shipment carrying the Jagr bobbleheads for tonight’s game has been stolen en route to Pittsburgh,” the team said in a tweet. “As a result, the bobbleheads will not be distributed at tonight’s game, but will be distributed at a later date.

California is such a crime-ridden hellscape that even massive sporting franchises aren’t safe. They got cargo jacked, for God’s sake!

The Penguins claim they’re working with authorities to find the culprits. (RELATED: NHL Legend Praises Scrap-Happy Rookie In Scathing Rebuke Of Our Softening Culture)

“We were shocked to be a victim of cargo theft, and we are working closely with local and federal authorities on the investigation,” the Penguins President of Business Operations Kevin Acklin said in a statement.

The team planned on handing out the bobbleheads with all-time legend Jagr in attendance.

“While this unfortunate incident adds to the legend of Jaromir Jagr, who will be in attendance as our guest at tonight’s game, we look forward to resolving this theft and delivering the prized Jagr bobbleheads to their rightful homes, with our fans,” Acklin said.

Fans will, mercifully, receive vouchers for future bobbleheads, according to the team’s statement.

Somewhere out there, there’s a dude sitting on a mountain of bobbleheads wondering how he’s going to monetize them. Just thinking of that image is cracking me up.