Reports Are Emerging That Kevin Connolly Is Allegedly A Huge Scumbag Who Rips People Off

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Reports are emerging that Kevin Connolly, of Entourage fame, is allegedly a huge scumbag who screws people out of money.

The first shoe dropped when Barstool Sports‘ Jersey Jerry admonished his co-worker, former NHL star Ryan Whitney, for featuring Connolly in a piece of content.

“He’s a bad person. He fucked me really bad,” Jerry said of Connolly while appearing on a Thursday episode of Barstool’s The Unnamed Show.

Jerry then went on to explain how Connolly allegedly hired him to do content for his production company but then unceremoniously fired him, without cause or any explanation.

The saga allegedly started when Jerry’s partner, Bob Does Sports, got fired after Connolly drunk messaged him “every night mad at him over nothing,” Jerry told the Daily Caller. (RELATED: Legendary Baseball Slugger Trends Online For Unbelievably Absurd Reason)

Then, after dodging Jerry for weeks, Connolly allegedly had an editor do his dirty work and cut ties with Jerry.

“He had an editor, he didn’t even have the balls to message me this little fucking rat ok,” Jerry claimed on The Unnamed Show. “He had an editor text me in the middle of the night ‘hey Jerry just a heads up,’ two weeks later! I’m still putting out videos, I’m making stuff for him, no answer. ‘Hey just so you know we don’t need you anymore.'”

Jerry claims the former Entourage star owes him $35,000 because Jerry never breached his contract.

“Contract was for 50k part-time. He paid 15 then stopped. Breach of contract,” Jerry told the Daily Caller.

After Jerry’s claims went public, Kelly Stafford, wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, claimed Connolly screwed her in similar fashion.

“Did my podcast under him at Action Park for a year … Super Bowl year. Had a merch drop that sold out in 48 hours and got paid ABSOLUTELY NOTHING,” Stafford told Jerry in screenshots he shared to Twitter. “My husband wants to beat his ass, but I’d rather see what happens to him in prison.”

Stafford continued to share that she didn’t want to go public with the allegations because she didn’t want to cast a negative light on her husband’s NFL career.

“I thought he just took advantage of me because of who I’m married to, and the fact that he didn’t think I would care that I just wasn’t getting paid but clearly he was doing it to everybody,” Stafford concluded.

Connolly’s ActionPark Media, which features the popular “Victory! The Podcast” show that includes other former Entourage stars, signed an exclusive distribution deal with the PodcastOne platform in 2022, according to Deadline.