Laken Riley’s Father Speaks Out For First Time, Accuses Biden Of Using His Daughter


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Laken Riley’s father spoke out for the first time Monday, accusing President Joe Biden of using his daughter.

Nursing student Laken Riley was found dead near the University of Georgia (UGA) campus after she was allegedly murdered by an illegal migrant while out jogging in late February. Riley’s mother, Allyson Phillips, blasted President Joe Biden for mispronouncing her daughter’s name as “Lincoln Riley” during his 2024 State of The Union address. She told the president in a Facebook comment to “at least say the right name” when evoking her deceased daughter.

Jason Riley, the deceased 22-year-old’s father, told NBC’s “TODAY” show he wishes his daughter’s death had not become a political “storm” following the State of The Union debacle.

“I’d rather her not be such a political, how you say — it started a storm in our country,” Jason Riley reportedly stated, “And it’s incited a lot of people.”

“I think it’s being used politically to get those votes,” the grieving father continued, according to the outlet. “It makes me angry. I feel like, you know, they’re just using my daughter’s name for that. And she was much better than that, and she should be raised up for the person that she is. She was an angel.”

Jason Riley told NBC TODAY that “there’s people on both sides that have lashed out at our families,” referring to himself and Phillips, his ex-wife. Jason Riley reportedly said he supported former President Donald Trump, who he was seen meeting at a Georgia campaign rally with Phillips on March 9. (RELATED: ‘Reality Check’: Georgia Restaurateur Cites Laken Riley As Reason To Run For Office)

“Laken has been a rallying cry for secure borders and for the illegal immigration policies of this current administration, but there’s many women we don’t get to hear about,” Jason Riley added, the outlet reported.

“I understand them wanting to come here for a better life,” he reportedly continued, speaking of migrants, “But when you have gang members and people who can commit violent crimes, especially against women, I think we can stop some of that.”