NBA Players Anthony Black and Gradey Dick Just Pulled Off Funniest Jersey Swap Of All Time


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The Orlando Magic’s Anthony Black and the Toronto Raptors’ Gradey Dick pulled off the funniest jersey swap I’ve ever seen Sunday night giving us a beautiful visual of “Black Dick.”

The jersey swap is a timeless tradition. We’ve seen some great ones over the years. The Kelce brothers had a great one. Odell Beckham Jr. had a pretty cool swap with a retired Randy Moss back in the day. But this one, by far, takes the cake.

The pair found each other after Sunday night’s Raptors at Magic game in Orlando and you can see the mischievous smiles creep across their faces as they contemplate the hilarious gag.

Gradey Dick takes his jersey off first, shortly followed by Anthony Black, who ran and grabbed a cameraman for the legendary photo op.

The pair then posed for a picture holding the jerseys in order, Black coming first, shortly followed by Dick. (RELATED: NBA Keeps Girl’s Huge Knockers Out Of Iconic Photo, Clearly Didn’t Get The Sydney Sweeney Memo)

God is this funny.

It also takes some balls because I have no doubt they’re going to get some calls from the NBA league office reprimanding this. BUT, that’s the beauty of the gag. They have plausible deniability.

“What? I was just posing for a picture with my friend? Inappropriate connotations? *GASP* Get your mind out of the gutter Commissioner Silver!”

The pair are both rotational bench player rookies so I don’t blame them for looking for a little levity in the midst of their inaugural campaigns. That’s one way to make a name for yourself I guess.