Grown Man Draymond Green Whines About LeBron Not Coming On His Podcast


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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green whined about LeBron James not appearing on his podcast during a Tuesday episode of the Draymond Green show.

“I must say I am a little upset that LeBron James is like, going on a podcast and he still hasn’t been on the Draymond Green show,” the troubled forward complained.

Green was lamenting LeBron’s announcement of his new podcast, “Mind The Game,” which he will be starting with former NBA sharpshooter J.J. Redick. Green lambasted the podcast as being “aimed at nerdy basketball fans.”

Bad look Draymond. We get it, you love LeBron, but have some self-respect brother. Whining about another grown man not coming on your podcast? Couldn’t be me.

Green’s LeBron love fest runs so deep he even tried to miss his own team’s game to attend LeBron’s record breaking game where he achieved the NBA’s all-time scoring record. (RELATED: Legendary NBA Coach Tried Bold New Strategy. It Failed Miserably)

“Steve Kerr I’m throwing this out there right now, if LeBron James is passing the all-time scoring record and we have a game I’m going to LeBron’s game and witnessing history,” Green said in 2022.

The Warriors denied Green’s request to miss their game so he could kiss LeBron’s ass, and rightfully so. What a ridiculous request. “Hey I know you guys pay me $25 million a year to help you win basketball games but I’d like to forego that duty to, instead, cheer on one of our biggest rivals.”

I love that him and LeBron are such good friends, I really do. Friendship and community are extremely important, even more so today in an age where social media, technology and authoritarian governments are furthering partisan divides in our culture. But if you pay me $25 million to do a job, that job is my first, second and third priority. Not a podcast, not a scoring record. Winning basketball games. That’s your job Draymond. Not being LeBron’s cheerleader.