Legendary NBA Coach Steve Kerr Tried Bold New Strategy. It Failed Miserably

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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The Golden State Warriors suffered an absolute drubbing, losing 144-88 to the Boston Celtics, the worst loss in Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry’s careers.

Golden State took the loss after implementing a strategy of sagging off star Celtics forward Jaylen Brown and letting him shoot wide open looks from three-point range, according to Warriors forward Draymond Green.

Green told reporters the team made the tactical decision “like 15 minutes before we left the locker room,” according to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

Brown, who said he viewed the strategy as disrespectful, went off for 29 points in 22 minutes, making 5 of 10 three pointers, the majority of which were wide open.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explained the decision to reporters after the game, saying, “You try different things. You have to pick your matchups.”

Brown took note of that decision, responding to the video on Twitter, writing, “More teams should take this strategy.”

In Golden State’s defense, the Celtics are the best team in the NBA and their offensive efficiency rating of 121.7 is the best in NBA history, according to The Athletic. But still, while I’m no expert, I do believe it’s bad policy to leave the highest-paid player in NBA history wide open.

Kerr explained the strategy as wanting Draymond to help out more in the paint and help guard the rim, meaning leaving Brown uncovered at times. (RELATED: Video Reveals One Of The Most Dedicated Fans In Sports History)

“A team that has that many threats, you try to find some weak spot to see if it’ll throw them off a little bit,” Steph Curry claimed, according to The Athletic.

Curry also explained that the decision to sag off Brown was a “joint decision” between the team’s players and coaches.

It’s a bold move to just leave the other team’s star wide open and clearly it didn’t pay off.