Woman Dead After Home Explosion, Chilling Footage Reveals Destruction


Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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An explosion destroyed a Utah home early Wednesday morning, resulting in at least one fatality, according to a report by 2KUTV.

The explosion, captured on a neighbor’s doorbell camera, killed an unidentified woman and left the neighborhood scattered with debris, according to 2KUTV. Firefighting teams promptly addressed the subsequent fire but had difficulties due to concerns about the structure’s stability, delaying their search for survivors.

Two hours after the explosion, rescuers searched the debris and found a victim, but couldn’t save them, the American Fork Fire Department reportedly said. Shirley Hunt, 82, survived the incident with minor injuries. Hunt was thought to be one of at least two people in the building when the explosion occurred.

“She’s okay she has some minor burns, but she’s doing okay,” Hunt’s daughter said. “She crawled out and didn’t hear the explosion at all.”

A dog was also found alive after the explosion, though its condition remains unknown. Details about how the residents of the duplex were connected or their living situations are still not clear, 2KUTV added. The involvement of utility companies seen at the site, such as Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy, remains unclear. Dominion Energy has acknowledged its role in the probe and expressed condolences for the tragic loss. (RELATED: ‘Total Devastation’: 1 Firefighter Killed, 11 Others Injured In Evening Home Explosion)

“Dominion Energy is on the scene to assist the American Fork Fire Department and other emergency crews with the investigation. We are deeply saddened at the tragic loss of life and send our condolences to the family impacted,” the company said in a statement, according to 2KUTV. “We were completing routine maintenance in the area yesterday. At this time, we are focused on gathering all the pertinent information to assist with the ongoing investigation.”