Haunting New Trailer Drops For Classic Franchise’s Rebirth

[Screenshot/YouTube/20th Century Studios]

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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20th Century Studios dropped a new trailer for “Alien: Romulus” and the suspenseful epic minute-long preview teased what looks to be a fantastic film.

The new project in part from “Napoleon” director Ridley Scott, who’s listed as the projects producer and directed the original 1979 “Alien” movie that inspired a generation of horror films and fans, looks like it will be bringing the franchise back to its roots.

The trailer opens with an image of a spaceship scavenging what appears to be an abandoned space station. The harrowing sounds of someone crying out for help break an eerie silence. “Help. Someone help me, please.”

The camera pans over to a blood-splattered spaceship before the action picks up and we see quick flashes of different scenes, including a recreation of the iconic image of an alien tentacle emerging from somebody’s mouth.

We get a few brief snapshots of some more alien action before seeing the classic Alien itself in all it’s glory, jet black exterior and weird mouth tentacle to boot.

The Fede Alvarez-directed project will be the ninth installment in the massively successful franchise, and the first since the 2017 “Alien: Covenant.” (RELATED: Famous Movie Memorabilia Fetches Huge Price At Auction)

This movie looks so friggin’ epic. Aside from the “Alien vs. Predator” series, which is one of the best franchises of all time, the sequels have been somewhat disappointing. But Romulus has the chance to change that.

The cast is relatively unknown, with stars Cailee Spaeny and David Jonsson being somewhat inconspicuous in Hollywood, which I believe is the best way to do an Alien movie. Shoutout Sigourney Weaver — she was amazing in the initial iteration — but otherwise the star of the show should really be pure abject terror.

If this teaser trailer is to be believed, the fear will be front and center. Sign me up for that.