‘Fight That Fight’: Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin Goes Above And Beyond In Touching Moment


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin placed a touching phone call to a reporter’s ailing mother, in a video shared Monday by RotoWire’s Brandon Kravitz.

Tomlin appears casual and comfortable while speaking jovially and joking with the reporter’s mother over the phone. 

“I wish you nothing but the best. Like, like fight that fight,” he told her. 

“Get out of the hospital and, just like, know that you got a son that loves you, man. We’re in a cool spot. We had an opportunity to talk about you and I just want to get you on the phone and wish you the absolute best,” Tomlin told her. 

Mike Tomlin is the longest tenured head coach in the NFL. He’s delivered his team to the postseason in 11 of his 17 seasons. He’s one of the most well-respected and accomplished coaches in NFL history. He’s also, clearly, a stand-up dude. (RELATED: NFL Team Releases Star CB After Sheriffs Issue Warrant For His Arrest)

The two-time Super Bowl winner looks a little loose and free here. Perhaps he was enjoying some libations at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando. And why shouldn’t he? He just got not one, but two starting caliber quarterbacks after years of languishing in QB-mediocrity. 

His team’s additions of Russell Wilson and Justin Fields gives them two signal callers that are both significant upgrades over Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky.

You can almost see that his demeanor has shifted from the stress of the 2023 season. As if the weight of contemplating his choices between Mason Rudolph and Pickett have been lifted. He’s a new man and he’s ready to share that lighthearted spirit with everybody.