Washington Huskies Coach Steve Belichick Absolutely Roasts His Legendary Father With Perfect Zinger

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Stephen Belichick, newly minted Washington Huskies defensive coordinator and son of the legendary NFL coach Bill Belichick took a hilarious shot at his father during a Wednesday media session, according to Huskies Wire’s Alex Katson.  

“We definitely have similarities. I have a job, he doesn’t.”

YO! The poor man has a family, don’t do that to him!

In all seriousness, the sick burn was obviously a kindly jest but it still shows what a shocking state of affairs we’re in when the arguably (and frankly, it shouldn’t even be up for debate) greatest coach in NFL history is out of a job before he retires. (RELATED: Here Are The Top-10 Bill Belichick Moments Of All Time)

Steve at least wrapped up his comments with a heartwarming comment: “I look up to my dad, he’s a mentor to me.” 

But he also established that he doesn’t want to live in his dad’s shadow forever. 

“But I’m myself, and yeah, like BC [offensive coordinator Brennan Carroll] said, excited to get out on the field and work with these guys, and work with the kids and recruit kids. Just gonna… just gonna be myself and not tryna be him.” 

Washington hired Belichick to be their defensive coordinator in February and the former Patriots assistant is already making waves. 

The father of his offensive counterpart, Brennan Carroll, casts a pretty large shadow too. Brennan’s dad, former Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, departed his longtime Seahawks job after the team let him go in January.

Together, young Belichick and Carroll look to emerge from their fathers’ shadows and make names for themselves. If their football acumen is half as good as their quick wit, that should be no problem at all.