REPORT: Several People Sue Strip Clubs, Claiming They Were Drugged And Robbed In Coordinated Scheme

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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Close to 20 people are reportedly suing a string of Arizona strip clubs over allegations of employees and dancers drugging customers and illegally authorizing credit card payments.

The class action lawsuit targets three “sister clubs” known as the Skin Cabaret and the Bones Cabaret, both in the city of Scottsdale, and also Dream Palace in Tempe, Arizona. The plaintiffs claim that these establishments collectively cashed in on over $1,000,000 in illicit credit card charges, according to court documents reported Thursday by AZFamily.

Each club is being accused of a coordinated scheme in which clients were unwittingly slipped drugs and had their wallets and cell phones stolen while they were intoxicated. Staffers at the strip club allegedly forged signatures for high ticket charges to the club, according to the outlet, citing court documents.

The long list of allegations spread out from October 2021 through November 2023.

One alleged victim stated that he received a $6,300 charge for spirts and a private dance, as well as a separate $4,800 charge for nothing, early in 2022 during a visit to the Skin Cabaret. (RELATED: Gisele Bündchen Works A Stripper Pole In A Racy Ad)

The alcoholic beverages there were “tainted with something” and caused him to black out and miss the fact that the charges went through, the victim added.

Other allegations from the same plaintiff include a dancer asking a customer to present his fingerprint and subsequently asked him to sign his John Hancock on an unknown document, amounting to $187,600 to the man’s American Express account. (RELATED: Woman Stole Car From Dealership To Drive To Stripper Interview, Cops Say)

That victim reportedly added that the signatures for the charges came from someone else.

Another victim alleged that while he did greenlight a $170 payment for a private room on top of $4,000 for personalized dances, he did not give the go ahead for $53,820 worth of charges, the outlet noted. He also alleged another person signed the receipt for his bill tipping the hostess thousands and thousands of dollars. He, too, claimed he was drugged.

Club employees insisted on him having his picture taken in order for the credit card t0 be approved, the outlet continued.

Another man alleged that he was drugged in a private room and that security barred him from leaving a private room even though his pals tried to take him home. His credit card was hit with $109,764 in charges. (RELATED: Credit Card Delinquencies Surge As Mounting Debt Crushes Americans)

Similar such cases were reported by other plaintiffs.

None of the plaintiffs know each other, according to the outlet.

Attorneys on behalf of the companies that own the trio of gentlemen’s clubs in question denied all the allegations.  One of their lawyers addressed some allegations specifically in an email interview, according to the report.

“The suggestion that someone guided the Plaintiffs’ hands in signing for each service is simply ludicrous,” attorney Dennis Wilenchick told the outlet. “No bouncers prevented their exit. There are no hard doors preventing anyone from leaving. In short, this is no different than going into a casino to gamble, losing money and demanding its return, only worse.”

The Daily Caller tried contacting the strip clubs through Instagram’s direct messaging feature.