HAMADEH: Trump’s Foreign Policy Set The Gold Standard

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Abe Hamadeh Contributor
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The foreign policy debate and the United States’s reputation on the world stage is shaping up to be an important issue for voters in the 2024 election.

Following the horrific Moscow terrorist attack, we are once again faced with the reality that the weak leadership and foreign policy failures we have seen from the Biden administration have left the world less safe and opened the door for bad actors to exploit that weakness. 

As we reflect on the tenure of President Donald J. Trump, one aspect that should give every American the cast their vote for him this November is his proven track record in foreign policy.

Often criticized and misunderstood by his opponents, Trump’s approach to global affairs was nothing short of revolutionary, setting a gold standard that future administrations should strive to emulate.

First and foremost, Trump’s foreign policy was rooted in a simple yet powerful principle: putting America first and projecting maximum strength at all times. Gone were the days of endless interventionism, imaginary redlines and nation-building exercises that drained American blood and treasure without clear strategic objectives. Instead, Trump focused on safeguarding America’s interests, ensuring that every action taken on the global stage benefited the American people while also standing tall with our allies around the world. 

One of the most significant achievements of the Trump administration was its approach to diplomacy. Contrary to the conventional wisdom of the foreign policy establishment, Trump understood the importance of personal relationships in international affairs and how projecting American strength resulted in the world simultaneously respecting and fearing us as the undeniable world superpower.

His direct engagement with world leaders, whether it was through face-to-face meetings or unconventional channels like social media, helped break down barriers and foster productive dialogue that was often lambasted by the left.

Moreover, Trump was fearless in his mission to challenge the status-quo and disrupt outdated diplomatic norms. His willingness to question longstanding alliances and demand fairer burden-sharing from NATO partners was a wake-up call that forced other countries to reassess their commitments. This bold stance ultimately led to tangible results, with NATO allies increasing their defense spending to meet their obligations.

In the realm of trade, Trump’s “America First” approach revitalized American industrial production and safeguarded American jobs. By renegotiating trade deals like NAFTA and imposing tariffs on countries engaging in unfair trade practices, Trump leveled the playing field and protected American workers from being exploited by foreign competitors. 

Furthermore, President Trump prioritized the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Unlike previous administrations that tiptoed around the issue, Trump confronted terrorism head-on, decisively defeating ISIS and neutralizing terrorist threats around the world. His administration’s targeted strikes, like the one that killed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani, and the strategic partnerships he built through the Abraham Accords ensured that the scourge of terrorism was dealt with swiftly and effectively. 

Trump’s accomplishments are well deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize, and some leaders in Washington would agree. Earlier this year, Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney nominated President Trump for his strong leadership and diplomacy that ushered in one of the most peaceful times in world history. Many of Trump’s fiercest critics have admitted to his success on foreign policy.

President Trump’s foreign policy was the absolute gold standard for future administrations to follow despite the Biden administration’s hard pivot in the opposite direction. President Joe Biden has seen a plethora of failures since taking office, but his America-last foreign policy is truly the most astonishing. 

Under President Trump’s leadership, America regained our rightful place as a global superpower, commanding respect and admiration on the world stage.

By prioritizing America’s interests, engaging in direct diplomacy, revitalizing American industry, and confronting global threats head-on, Trump laid the foundation for a safer, more prosperous world. As we look to the future, let us remember the lessons of the Trump era and strive to build upon his legacy of strength, leadership, and patriotism in foreign affairs.

When President Trump is re-elected in November 2024, the next era of American dominance begins immediately. 

Abe Hamadeh is a Former Army Intelligence Officer and the Trump-endorsed Candidate for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. 

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.