‘We Had Lots Of Fights’: Jerry Seinfeld Says Hugh Grant Is A Nightmare On Set

(Screenshot/YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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Jerry Seinfeld admitted that he clashed with Hugh Grant on set after teaming up for the first time in a Wednesday interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

In Hollywood, stars often clash and Seinfeld and Grant were no exception on the set of “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story.” Seinfeld opened up about the difficulties of working with Grant, who played the legendary Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger. The billionaire comedian didn’t shy away from detailing the tension between them while talking to Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“We had lots of fights. He’s a pain in the ass to work with. He’s horrible,” Seinfeld quipped. “He tells you before you work with him, ‘You’re gonna hate this.’ And he’s so right.”

However, the frostiness that had developed melted after they shared a meal. Seinfeld recalled a night they bonded over drinks, praising Grant’s charm and wit. “But one night he and I had dinner together … We shot for 10 weeks, and that night that he and I had dinner — and we got drunk having dinner — that was the greatest night,” Seinfeld told Fallon. “Because he’s so cool and he’s that English thing, you know, that witty. He looks good in a jacket … he’s one of those guys. I love those guys.” (RELATED: Gal Gadot, Jerry Seinfeld Among Slew Of Celebrities Condemning Hamas Attacks In Open Letter)

Seinfeld also revealed that Grant wasn’t his first choice for the role of Ravenscroft, a character reenvisioned as a disgruntled Shakespearean actor forced into a humiliating gig to pay the bills. But a phone call from Grant himself, complete with a casual audition while sipping wine sealed the deal.

“I did not think of Hugh Grant for the part. And I love Hugh Grant so much. But he called us and he said, ‘I want to be in the Pop-Tart movie,’” Seinfeld recalled. “So he did an audition on his phone — with a glass of wine in the other hand, by the way. Like I care what the audition was. I go, ‘Yeah, sure, you’re Tony the Tiger, sure.’”