‘F*cking C*cksucker’: Woman In Kayak Gets Instant Karma After Screaming At Boater For Allegedly Going Too Fast


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A woman kayaking in Australia got instant karma after she screamed at a boater for allegedly going too fast.

A viral video shows the woman flip over in her kayak after yelling profanities at Benny Larkin and his 14-year-old daughter, Taylor, whose boat engine stopped working as the father attempted to slow down to meet the speed limit at Dora Creek, UNILAD reported.

“Hello guys, just letting you know that this c*cksucker was doing 24 knots up the creek,” the woman shouted when she realized she was being filmed, the video shows.

“Was it 24? Where’s your radar?” Benny asked from behind the camera.

“Where’s my radar?” the woman asked before the video cut forward. “It’s four knots up the f*cking creek. Four knots up the f*cking creek. You’re an AF455N. You’re reported.”

The woman came closer to the boat as she continued to rant, this time targeting Taylor. She said that she that she hopes the 14-year-old “got a license too because she’s on record.” (RELATED: Great White Shark Attacks A Boat In Horrifying Viral Video)

“You have a problem, Karen?” Benny asked the woman.

“I do have a problem, mate,” the woman screamed. “You’re f*cking breaking the rules, and you’re being a f*cking c*cksucker about it.”

After attempting to splash the father and daughter with her paddle, the aggrieved kayaker flipped over in her vessel. Benny told her that he would post his video on social media after the woman said she hoped he captured the moment on film.

“You need to learn how to drive a boat, obviously, eh?” the woman said while using her overturned kayak to stay afloat.

“You need to learn how to stay on your kayak,” Benny replied while attempting to restart his boat’s engine.