Must Be Nice: Shedeur Sanders Is Out Here Buying Tesla Cybertrucks That Cost More Than A College Tuition

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The cybertruck … strange-looking, yet flashy.

Colorado Buffaloes quarterback (and Deion Sanders’ son) Shedeur Sanders‘ garage is full of expensive and exotic-looking vehicles. Most 22-year-olds in college are finishing up their last days of partying and (maybe) formulating a plan on how to get out of that student loan debt, but Shedeur?

This dude’s out here buying Tesla Cybertrucks that cost more than a college tuition. Oh, and apparently it’s the first one in the state of Colorado.

Oh, yeah … you know that NIL money is good. (RELATED: Deion Sanders Brings On Warren Sapp To Help Build Colorado Into National Championship Program)

A few years ago, Shedeur bought a Mercedes EQB and Corvette Stingray, going on to add a Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 6000 and Dodger Durango Hellcat to his collection.

Well, Shedeur has a new toy now: a Tesla Cybertruck. He had the piece recently delivered to Boulder with his brothe, Deion Jr., posting the full scene on YouTube.

When it comes to Tesla’s Cybertrucks, they have three models. With Shedeur, he copped the “Cyberbeast,” which comes in at a price of $99,000 — and that’s the minimal price for these guys. Shedeur’s edition doesn’t have the gas mileage as other models, but has higher power and speed, which is most likely why Shedeur bought it.

The vehicle was so impressive that old ladies were even walking up to Shedeur to snap photos of him and his whip.


It’s a little weird-looking, but I can dig the Tesla Cybertruck … and holy hell, how much exactly is Shedeur getting paid? All those cars?!

I respect the hustle.