Deion Sanders’ Colorado Trains With Unlikely Partner — The Marines

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What a top-flight idea from Coach Prime.

Say what you want about how Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes performed in the 2023 season, they’re going all-out to get prepared for 2024 — like working out with the Marines!

As we all know, the Buffs got off to a fantastic start last season by going undefeated 3-0, however, things utterly collapsed after the fact. In their last nine games, Colorado racked up a dismal 1-8 record, finishing their season with a losing 4-8 tally. It was horrible. An improvement from the campaign before, sure, but still horrible.

So how is my man Deion getting his Buffs prepared for 2024 after 2023’s poor showing? (RELATED: Notre Dame Lands The Toughest Kicker In America — A 30-Year-Old Army Vet Eric Goins)

By training with some of America’s elite: the United States Marines.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t the typical practice for the Buffs, with the Marines coming in and giving them one hell of a shellacking in terms of training and working out — you know how the Marines play.

And now, so do Deion’s boys after getting outright exhausted.


I still can’t get over how great of an idea this was by Deion Sanders.

Like, seriously, what’s a better way to light a fire under somebody than a workout with the Marines? (Especially when you’re team was 4-8 last season)

I’m telling you, man. Deion’s tactics with recruiting, working out and training, his philosophy at both the game of football and life, just everything he’s doing is going to end up turning Colorado into a winner. Exercising with the Marines though?

Sounds like a future national championship program to me…