Rachel Levine Declares For WNBA Draft

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Rachel Levine, the Biden administration’s top transgender official, has declared for the WNBA draft, sources tell Scoops Delacroix and the Daily Caller.

After a stellar season for the women-only intramural league Pentagon City Genderbenders, in which he averaged 69 points, 27 blocks, and 33 boards per game, the first shemale admiral in government has decided to retire from public service to pursue his lifelong dream of dunking on attractive, athletic females. (RELATED: Only Men Can Save Women’s Sports)

According to insiders, Levine will likely go in the first round ahead of Iowa phenom Caitlin Clark, should she declare as well.

Levine’s story is inspirational. Levine, who grew up in a predominately white Boston suburb, took Amtrak every weekend to the Harlem 125th Street Station so he could ball with his black brothers and sisters at Riverside Park on the Hudson. It was there he honed his dribbling and shooting skills, all while making inroads with the black community and boosting transgender “visibility.”

Who Is Dr. Rachel Levine, the US's First Trans 4-Star ...

Levine has reportedly been on the radar of the pro scouts ever since announcing his transition, which barely affected his dominant height, weight, speed and strength advantage over the average woman on the hardwood. A source tells Scoops that front office bigwigs from all 12 WNBA franchises (who knew there were that many now) were in attendance for the Benders’ final game of the winter 2023-24 season last week, a 49-point win over the Women of Catholic Charities team in which Levine had a quintuple-double leading a three-legged offensive attack.

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