Victor Davis Hanson Rips Biden’s Campaign Messaging, Reveals How Trump Can ‘Win Big’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson ripped President Joe Biden’s recent campaign messaging Monday on Fox News, revealing how former President Donald Trump can “win big” in comparison.

Hanson appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Biden’s 2024 election campaign messaging around the economy and other top issues, as the president continues to hit record-low disapproval ratings. Fox host Laura Ingraham asked the senior fellow about Democrats blaming the issue on messaging that fails to resonate with voters, along with his policies. (RELATED: ‘It’s Appealing’: Biden Campaign Co-Chair Says It’s No ‘Surprise’ President’s Losing Key Voters, Blames ‘Tectonic Shift’ Of Electorate)

“I don’t know who they think their constituency is when prices have gone up 30% on staples and they keep denying it,” Hanson said. “Or who is their constituency for an open border and 10 million illegal aliens? Is it the border towns of the inner city? Who is their constituency when they don’t go to a funeral of a slain officer but they pal around with celebrities? Is it law enforcement? Who is their constituency when they get 40,000 people who are not signing up for the military?”

“So each day, Laura, they offend gratuitously, whether it’s Christians this week or female athletes two weeks ago, they offend these constituencies and they keep hammering at them,” he continued. “They are starting to conglomerate and I think people are going to collectively shrug [and say] ‘We’ve had it with this guy, he’s offensive.'”

“It’s so similar to 1980 when [Jimmy] Carter, you know in October, was still running neck and neck with [Ronald] Reagan. All of a sudden people start to say, ‘You know he is offensive when he talks about Iran and appeasing them.’ And then, finally, they just shrugged and said, ‘I don’t believe what he is saying about Reagan. I’m going to vote for Reagan.’ They did in a landslide,” Hanson said.

“All Donald Trump has to do is just stick to [an] agenda and he will be the return to normalcy candidate. That’s all he has to do and he’s going to win big the way Biden’s campaigning,” he concluded.

Biden received backlash this week after attending a star-studded campaign fundraiser in New York City which was the same day as slain New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Jonathan Diller’s wake. While the president had stated his condolences for the family while speaking with Democratic NYC Mayor Eric Adams, former President Donald Trump was in attendance and reportedly a “source of comfort” for the family.

By Saturday Biden’s team received another wave of pushback online after the White House released a press statement proclaiming March 31, which is Easter Sunday in 2024, “Transgender Day of Visibility.” However, Biden was pressed by a reporter Monday to respond to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson who called the move “outrageous,” to which he stated that Johnson was “thoroughly uninformed” and that he “didn’t do that.”