Good Ol’ Fashioned Rasslin’! Moron Jumps Into Ring To Attack Wrestler, Pulls Off Solid Suplex, Then Gets Choked Out

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What a great story for WrestleMania week.

Okay, so we’ve got some very interesting footage out of Ohio from the RUGGEDpro Wrestling promotion, with the biggest highlight from the actual event being “All Steel” J Fowler winning the Heavyweight Championship for a second time.

You can see that clip here:

But that’s not what’s going viral.

So here’s how everything went down: J Fowler won the title and began his celebration in true heel (bad guy) fashion. While this was going on, another wrestler in the ring named Jaxon King was chirpin’ at a fan. Well, that fan wasn’t playing that and rushed into the squared circle. As a result, King ran to Fowler to turn him around, and when Fowler moved out of the way, the moronic fan then starts unloading punch after punch on King and then, to his credit, pulled off a nice-looking Suplex on King. (RELATED: Yikes! WWE Superstar Finn Balor Shows Off Absolutely Nasty ‘Easter Egg’)

But the idiot’s glory wouldn’t last that long, as Fowler got on top of him and put him in a tight chokehold — dude immediately started tapping out (LMAO).


I’ve never understood fans who bum-rush wrestlers, why does anybody think that’s ever a good idea?