‘Kiss Your A** Twice’: Stephen A. Smith Unloads On Reports McAfee Pays For Rodgers Interviews


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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ESPN’s flagship personality Stephen A. Smith unloaded on the rumors circulating that his colleague Pat McAfee pays star Jets quarterback for his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show. 

Smith, responding to a New York Post article titled “Pat McAfee Pays Aaron Rodgers Millions For His Exclusive Interviews,” told McAfee “I want you to tell the public out there who’s been critical in questioning your relationship [with Rodgers] to kiss your ass.”

“They wish they had the relationship,” Smith continued. “Tell ‘em to kiss your ass twice, that’s right, quote Stephen A., okay?” Smith said on his show “First Take.”

“It’s ridiculous,” Smith continued, vociferously. “Anybody in this business knows that all of us, anytime you can have a relationship with an elite player who is not unapologetic about the commentary he provides, all of us would want those relationships props to you for having it and the hell with all of those naysayers. I’m saying that, Pat McAfee’s not saying that I’m saying it okay so make sure you quote me on that,” Smith concluded. (RELATED: ‘Get Your Fifth Booster, Bum!’: Aaron Rodgers Mocks Keith Olbermann After Injury Taunt)

“Thank you Stephen A., I love you,” McAfee responded.

Rodgers has been a weekly regular on the Pat McAfee show since 2019, long before the former NFL Pro Bowl punter took his show to ESPN’s airwaves in May, licensing his show to the worldwide leader for a whopping $85 million

McAfee defended paying the Jets quarterback on his show Thursday, explaining that the first payment was a “holiday bonus” of $450,000 that he gave a reluctant Rodgers after his weekly appearance became “the biggest podcast on Earth.”

McAfee explained that following the introduction of Rodger’s segment his company “went from being valued anywhere between two to five million a few years back to like over $500 million.”

McAfee cited the businessman Rich Paul’s philosophy of taking care of your people.

“I have always had the view of: if somebody is going to make money for us, that person is going to reap the benefit from it,” the former NFL star said.

“I feel like New York Post and some people think like them talking about me giving Aaron Rodgers, against his will for a while, money for helping our company and investing in our company with his time and his effort and his energy… I think people think that’s a hit piece. But I would like people to know like if you believe that humans should work their dicks off for you and not get paid for it, like you’re a massive part of the problem as well,” McAfee concluded.

The idea that Rodgers doesn’t deserve some share of the wealth that he’s helped create for McAfee and co. is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the idea that the money makes the Rodgers/McAfee friendship less real. If anything I’d argue it makes it that much more legitimate. (RELATED: Colin Kaepernick Begs NFL Team To Let Him Join Practice Squad)

This was an obvious attempt at farming engagement, which, as someone in the news business I can empathize with. Rodgers’ name will always get the hate clicks from blue haired liberals who have Anthony Fauci posters in their bedrooms and say nightly prayers to their great god Pfizer.

But to try and suggest that people shouldn’t be paid for their time or the value they bring to others, that it’s some otherworldly idea to reward people when you’re in a position to do so is, as a great man once said, “asinine, ten, eleven and twelve!”