Fan Discovers Terribly-Run Oakland Athletics’ Private Document … The Contents Will Shock You

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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A fan discovered an Oakland Athletics’ sales guide and the document was rife with embarrassing revelations, Will MacNeil revealed in a Tuesday night tweet. 

Oakland’s fanbase has utterly rejected ownership and management as the team prepares to move out of Oakland and into Las Vegas. Fans organized a boycott on opening day. While the sales numbers showed over 13,000 people bought tickets for the team’s first game, far less than that actually showed up, as pictures of the stadium showed a nearly empty venue.

The found document shows that post-opening day attendance is shockingly low, as the sales guide claimed an attendance of just 3,500. That’s lower than 11 of the 12 WNBA teams’ average 2023 attendance!

The guide also gave hilarious guidance on avoiding talking about the city of Oakland and removing any and all references to wanting to stay in Oakland.

“If you see anything that says ‘Rooted In Oakland’ it must be taken down immediately,” the guidance read. It also instructed employees to “Try not to highlight product that focuses on the name ‘Oakland.'”

Just when you think the team can’t get any more pathetic. This is an all-time low for the miserable franchise, and that’s saying something. In the last year, players have boldly spoken out against the team’s ownership and their decision to uproot the team from the Oakland community. (RELATED: Disgraceful MLB Franchise Appears To Vindictively Punish Star Players After They Supported Protests Against Ownership)

Now the team is apparently asking their staff to erase all evidence that they even play in Oakland. Absolutely insane. This is not how you break up with a city.

If you want to leave a smaller market for a bigger one because it’s a better business decision, that’s completely understandable. But the way John Fisher’s A’s are leaving is an absolute disgrace.

Instead of being grateful for his city and fanbase who are single-handedly responsible for the continued operation of the team, Fisher is spitting in the face of every season ticket holder or fan who’s ever bought a jersey. It’s no wonder his attendance numbers are so embarrassingly low.