‘You’re Actually The One Who’s Brainwashed’: Natalie Winters Steamrolls Feminists Sitting Straight Across From Her


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Conservative media figure Natalie Winters shared a clip Tuesday in which she absolutely nuked a bunch of feminists who called her “brainwashed.”

Winters joined the “Whatever” podcast for a lengthy conversation in March, part of which led other members of the panel to call her “brainwashed,” while another noted there are “expectations for women to behave a certain way.” What came next was arguably one of the greatest displays of true feminine power in the form of an absolute verbal knock-out.

“I would almost argue it’s easier to start a business in America as a woman. You have preferential treatment when it comes to loans, preferential hiring processes, literally just because you’re a woman,” Winters explained.

“Women are the majority of college graduates. Life being a woman, I feel like, in some ways, kind of life on easy mode,” she continued. “If you play into the corporate structure, they literally have empowerment programs that they don’t allow men, let alone straight white men, in. There’s literally a multibillion dollar corporate push to empower women.” (RELATED: ‘That Would Technically Be Homosexual’: Podcast Panel Implodes When Guest Says He Wouldn’t Have Sex With A Trans Woman)

Winters then turned her attention to the woman who called her “brainwashed” for her perspective, and said, “you think I’m brainwashed. You can think that but you also espouse an ideology that you can’t even give me literally one example why you actually believe it, let alone define it.”

And she wasn’t done there. “But you just slap that label on because that’s what mainstream society’s told you to believe,” Winters said, calmly and politely, and somewhat terrifyingly. “So I think you’re actually the one who’s brainwashed.”

The Daily Caller spoke to Winters after the clip went viral. “It’s always fun to get out of the conservative media bubble and talk to people who’ve fallen victim to the ideologies of the left. In most cases, just an ounce of pushback will cause their beliefs to shatter,” she noted. (RELATED: Phil Labonte Points Out Liberal’s Rude Behavior At Work, Prompting Epic Mental Breakdown You Just Have To Read)

“Viral clips aside, I want young girls to recognize the absurdity of calling themselves a “feminist” without being able to articulate their rationale,” she continued. “It’s difficult, but it’s worth trying to open their eyes as to why corporations, the Democratic Party, and supporters of the globalist agenda want them to buy into these harmful ideologies.”

You can watch the full interview here: