Ouch: LSU’s Kim Mulkey Voted As Coach Players Least Want To Play For


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Man … it’s been a tough week for Kim Mulkey.

Her LSU Tigers got bounced from the NCAA March Madness women’s basketball tournament Monday night, and now here she is having to deal with a brutal survey that has players having minimal interest in playing for her — and that’s being nice.

Recently, The Athletic asked 95 players from the tourney (keeping them anonymous) who they would like to play for the most and … err … play for the least. And it looks like we have a general consensus here in flying colors.

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey was No. 1 in blowout fashion, getting 32 of the 95 first-place votes. The closest person to her was Oregon head coach Kelly Graves, who was very distant only getting seven first place votes in comparison.

I’m actually a little bit surprised at this.

I admit, I’m not the biggest expert when it comes to women’s college basketball, but with the exception of her potentially being anti-American, she actually looks pretty cool on paper. I like her demeanor (she’s a boss chick), she swags out with some of the freshest clothes, she obviously knows how to recruit superstars from high school and the transfer portal, and she’s got a shiny national championship ring on her finger to back everything up.

What am I missing here? (RELATED: Angel Reese Declares For 2024 WNBA Draft)

Because I know I’m missing something, which makes women’s basketball even more intriguing to me — and the popularity just keeps increasing…