‘People Are Doing S**t’: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Blasts NASCAR For Racing On Easter, Richmond Potentially Losing Date

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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NASCAR is getting more and more corporate and Dale Jr. is gloriously calling them out for it.

On a recent edition of his “Dale Jr.” podcast, the legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr. blasted NASCAR for two things that he was completely on point about: 1. NASCAR making the decision to once again race on Easter, and 2. Richmond is potentially going to lose a date and have it replaced with yet ANOTHER road course.

The race in Richmond this past Sunday was the third consecutive race that NASCAR has held on Easter — the prior two were held in Bristol and were raced on dirt. These three races are the first time that NASCAR has held dates on Resurrection Sunday since the 1980s. (RELATED: Straight Cash, Homie: Florida Gators’ Football Parking Lot Shows Exactly How Well Players Are Living Off NIL)

“Racing on Easter is not helpful,” said Earnhardt. “I know other sports play on Easter and other things happen but I’m not going to those. I’m not ever going to be at a sporting event on Easter holiday, I’m not. Not happening. It’s not entirely necessary that we do that. That is not going to help your walkup crowd, your ticket sales, that is not going to help. And I don’t think it really helps your TV audience. People are doing shit on Easter.”

Earnhardt also pointed out how Richmond is an innocent bystander in this whole ordeal, catching strays from the Easter situation and the stubbornness of hierarchies in the sport.


Get ’em, Dale! Speaking the truth!