Police Officer Tackles Pig In Bizarre Viral Video


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Utah officer Cory Cooper found sudden fame after video footage of him taking down a pig on the run in Grantsville went viral online April 4.

“The Three Little Pigs” isn’t just a fairytale, folks. Police in Grantsville received a call from concerned citizens, over three little pigs on the loose in the area, according to Fox 13. The pigs were wreaking havoc in the neighborhood by getting into people’s yards and terrorizing their gardens. Several officers responded to a call about a sighting of the runaway pigs, and Cooper was quick to jump to action.  One of the pigs gave him a good run for his money before he was finally able to showcase his skills by tackling it to the ground.

The police department  shared the video to their Facebook page, honoring Cooper’s quick-actions.

The internet is loving this video, but the pig has seen better days.

The video clip showed the runaway swine tearing up a front lawn, and heading up a residential driveway. Cooper could be seen entering the frame as he chased it across the perfectly landscaped grass, belonging to an unsuspecting resident. Nobody knew that this pig was about to be taken into police custody.

The pig took off, in an attempt to get away from Cooper, while someone filmed the hysterical scene.

Cooper made a few lunges toward the swine, who responded by changing course and switching the direction it was running in.

Some of the pig’s evasive moves proved successful, but eventually Cooper closed in.

The pig darted behind a basketball net at the residence, and Cooper put his athleticism on full display by lunging at the pig, and throwing himself down on top of it.

Cooper wrapped his arms around the runaway piggy and carried it down the driveway.

“It’s kind of all hands on deck because, and when you’re dealing with an animal with a mind of its own, you obviously can’t communicate … their instincts are to fight or flight and most of the time they run and they’re pretty fast,” Cooper told Fox 13. (RELATED: Fans Slam Martyrdom For Throwing Pig’s Head In Crowd)

Cooper suffered a few scrapes in the takedown, and all three runaway hogs were caught and taken to a rescue organization.