EXCLUSIVE: WaPo Harasses Veteran’s Wife After He Refused To Engage On Alleged Hit Piece Against Tim Sheehy

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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A voicemail transcript obtained by the Daily Caller shows that Washington Post reporter Beth Reinhard called to harass the wife of a military veteran who served with Republican Montana Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy after the veteran refused to participate in an alleged hit piece on Sheehy.

Sheehy is running for the Montana Senate seat currently held by Democratic Sen. Jon Tester. Earlier Wednesday, Sheehy tweeted out a screenshot showing the Washington Post demanding proof he earned a Purple Heart medal, as well as more information on a hole in his heart he suffered while serving in the military.

The Daily Caller is withholding the veteran’s name to avoid the Washington Post seeking retribution.


“Hi this is Beth Reinhard I’m a reporter with the Washington Post. I’m so sorry to bother you. I guess I’m trying to reach probably your spouse [redacted] and I wasn’t sure if I had the right number and I guess I don’t but if you could pass this message to him I would be super grateful,” the voicemail transcript obtained by the Daily Caller reads. “I’m working on a story about, profile, of Tim Sheehy, who knew your husband at the Naval Academy, and we just wanted to know, hoping to talk to him about his experience.”

“Any recollections of his time with him would be just great to help fill out what we know about his background. This is my phone at the office it’s [redacted] and again my name is Beth Reinhard at the Washington post, working on a story about Tim Sheehy.”

The text exchange shows the veteran’s wife sending him the transcript, to which the veteran says “Wow. Yeah do not answer. They’re putting together a hit piece on tim. I’ve been contacted twice this week.”

The Washington Post reporter cold-called the wife after the veteran ignored two attempts to reach out, the Caller was told.

“The Washington Post is no longer a media outlet — it’s now the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. These ‘journalists’ are smearing Tim Sheehy because they know he’ll fight for Montana values and against Biden’s policies,” Republican Arkansas Senator and veteran Tom Cotton told the Caller.