Teaser Scene From ‘Civil War’ Will Make Your Blood Run Cold


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A teaser scene from the upcoming “Civil War” movie was released on YouTube, Wednesday, and it should absolutely make your blood run cold. This could definitely happen in real life.

The scene starts with “Civil War” leads Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura’s characters pulling up to a relatively disused gas station, protected by a man in an unidentifiable uniform. They’re just looking to refill their tank but that ain’t so easy when the country is in the thick of domestic warfare.

It seems calm, cool, collected, just like any other family on a road trip looking to refuel. The armed man asks them if they have a local fuel permit, which of course, they don’t. Dunst’s character offers $300 for half a tank of gas and two cans. (RELATED: United States Vs. Florida Alliance Vs. Western Forces: A New American ‘Civil War’ Movie Is On The Horizon)

The armed man laughs. “Three hundred buys you a sandwich,” he explains. “We got ham or cheese.”

This is when Dunst clarifies. She’s talking about $300 in Canadian currency. To this, the armed man immediately changes his mind.

The clip is not the only one to be released as part of an ongoing battle to get people back into theaters to watch movies. Like most people, I will probably be waiting until “Civil War” comes out on a streaming service to see it in the cinema. (RELATED: ‘Civil War’ Final Trailer Is More Than Enough To Make You Perpetually Fear America’s Future)

The obvious financial cost of going to the theater is one thing. But who in their right mind would choose to sit in a room full of strangers, breathing recycled air while some teenage wanker plays on his phone next to you, where you can’t even pause the movie to have a wee? If you’re a pro-theater person, please let me know why in the comments.

Aside from that, please enjoy this other horrifying clip from what appears to be a pretty epic movie.

Nothing within the scenes and trailers released thus far are outside the realms of reality in the future of America. If we don’t start fixing the myriad social crises we’re experiencing right now, we could be in for a pretty horrendous future … one where Canadians are somehow more important than us. The horror!

“Civil War” drops on April 12.