A New Trailer For The Highly-Anticipated ‘Civil War’ Movie Is Out, And The Goosebumps Are Unreal

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — A24]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Man, I can’t wait to see this movie …

Back in December, I blogged about the first trailer for “Civil War,” and if you remember, it was absolutely incredible and had all of us immediately anticipating the A24 movie.

Well, the second trailer is now out, and it’s nothing but extra fuel for the anticipation fire.

Directed by Alex Garland, “Civil War” takes us into a time in America where a second civil war breaks out between the United States government and the rest of an intact America taking on the Florida Alliance (a southern state alliance) and the Western Forces (an alliance between Texas and California).

Yeah, I’m not sure how that last part happens either, but it adds to the anticipation and mystery around what exactly the storyline is gonna be.


As a Floridian, I’m curious to see how exactly they’re going to stage the so-called Florida Alliance.

The Sunshine State is one of the most patriotic states in the Union, without question, but obviously, with us going against the United States in the movie, you know they’re going to stage us as the bad guys. Hell, look at how the leftist media treats our governor Ron DeSantis now — like he’s the third coming of Hitler or something (Trump is second).

So I’m expecting it to be some left-wing nonsense, like DeSantis (under another name) leading the charge against America because he wants to be king or some idiocy like that. (RELATED: UFC Fighter Ian Garry Says He Will ‘Beat The F*ck Out Of’ Colby Covington And ‘Drag Him In Front Of Trump’)

But regardless, I’m all in for this movie. It looks like it’s going to be entertaining no matter how they frame it.