United States Vs. Florida Alliance Vs. Western Forces: A New American ‘Civil War’ Movie Is On The Horizon

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — A24]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What a very fascinating movie — as both an American and Floridian.

A film from A24 titled “Civil War” is coming out in Spring 2024, and holy hell, it looks epic.

The storyline is centered around the United States collapsing, where 19 states succeed out of the Union with what appears to be three different Americas forming: The regular U.S., the Florida Alliance and the Western Forces — which is a hilarious partnership between California and Texas that I just don’t see happening at all.

Nick Offerman (“Parks and Rec”) plays the President of the United States, with Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons also a part of the movie.

It’s not exactly known why this three-way civil war popped off between the three Americas, but in the trailer that dropped Wednesday, you can be sure that we’re in for a very wild and entertaining ride.


You better believe that I have my popcorn ready for this one.

And I’m very interested to find out more, because a scenario like this is very intriguing to me. Who are the 19 states that succeeded out of the U.S.? Who all is a part of the Florida Alliance? Is it just Texas and California in the Western Forces? And how on earth did things get to a point where a three-way civil war erupted?

That’s the mark of a good trailer, so shoutout to A24 for that, leaving me with a load of questions and forcing me to patiently wait until the next trailer comes out, hoping to find more answers.

But wow, what a storyline, what a concept for a film, like damn, they had the president air striking Americans! (RELATED: Why Does The Logo For America’s 250th Birthday Look Like Absolute A**?)

That’s just crazy to me.

I might have to review this movie for y’all when it comes out, because this looks like some real thoroughbred heat.