Legend: 15-Year-Old Ohio Girl Catches 101-Pound Catfish

(Photo by EVA HAMBACH/AFP via Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Get ’em, girl!

When you think of GOAT athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and so on, you don’t normally think about 15-year-old girls … but you can start today. An absolute legend of a 15-year-old girl is going viral after landing a mammoth of a catch, record-breaking even — a gargantuan 101-pound blue catfish that’s pretty much the size of this super-chick.

Meet Jaylynn Parker from New Richmond, Ohio, who was fishing Sunday in the Ohio River with both her dad and family friend when she got a hold of this behemoth.

Captured in photographs, Jaylynn is seen holding the massive catfish with a huge smile on her face.

“It’s official, our daughter Jaylynn Parker caught the new OHIO STATE record blue cat !! Had him officially weighed this morning 101.11,” wrote Kristen Powell Parker, the mother of the girl, on Facebook.

Is it me, or have females been killing it lately in sports?

We’ve had this whole phenomenon around women’s basketball as of late (mainly because of Caitlin Clark), and now we have 15-year-old girls catching 100-plus pound fish. I’m like, damn, are we headed for a women’s takeover? Are women starting to realize that there’s much more than just OnlyFans?!

We can only hope. (RELATED: The Caitlin Clark Effect: Indiana Fever Scheduled For 36 Nationally-Televised Games In 2024, Up From Just 1 In 2023)

But on a serious note, shoutout to Jaylynn Parker for killin’ it, and thank you for giving me the dream of hoping my daughters catch a massive shark or marlin one day.

Oh man, I’d be such a proud dad.