Coach Caught On Hot Mic Going Absolutely Ballistic At Ump Before Getting Tossed From Rivalry Game


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Umpires ejected Ole Miss baseball coach Mike Bianco when he apparently lost his mind on the officials after an opposing batter showboated on a go-ahead home run in the twelfth inning Saturday night.

Bianco appeared to flip out after Mississippi State catcher Johnny Long celebrated his extra inning home run a little too liberally, staring his ball down out of the box before throwing his bat with some artistic flare.

Hot mic audio captured Bianco confronting umpire Scott Klein in protest of Long’s antics.

“He flipped the bat 25 feet! You’re supposed to fucking throw him out!” Bianco screamed at Klein.

“And we warned him,” Klein replied. “You’re supposed to fucking throw him out!” Bianco repeated irately.

After Klein had heard enough, he emphatically tossed Bianco from the game. Rather than get Long tossed, Bianco earned an ejection for himself. (RELATED: College Baseball Star Ejected For The Most Ridiculous Reason (It Hilariously Involves A Hot Dog))

Ole Miss, though, would have the last laugh, as they walked it off in the bottom of the 12th and would win the game 10-9.

Gotta give it to Bianco here, nobody can say he didn’t go to bat for his guys. Maybe his outburst was the fire they needed to come back and win. I’m sure they all had a good laugh about it after.