Sydney Mall Attacker Identified As Nomad Living In His Vehicle


Mariane Angela Contributor
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Authorities have identified the suspect in Saturday’s stabbing spree at an Australian shopping mall, the BBC reported.

The suspect has been identified as Joel Cauchi, 40, who was shot and killed by the police during Saturday’s chaos, according to the BBC. New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb, addressing the media Sunday, suggested the attack appeared to stem from Cauchi’s mental health issues rather than any form of ideological motivation. She noted that, while the targeting of women could be a significant aspect of the investigation, the incident does not qualify as an act of terrorism.

While Cauchi is a Queensland native, he seemingly lived a nomadic life, moving frequently within the state before relocating to New South Wales in March 2024, according to the Guardian. Cauchi was reportedly single, had no children and lived in his vehicle upon arriving in Sydney. Cauchi’s social media appears to show he enjoyed surfing at Bondi Beach and was active in Sydney’s social scene, frequently reviewing local businesses online, according to the outlet. He was diagnosed with a mental illness in his teens and received treatment, but his mental health had worsened recently, the outlet reported.

Queensland Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Roger Lowe addressed questions at a press conference about Cauchi’s possible knife obsession and family disputes over knives.

“We’re aware of an event in 2023 which we’re investigating,” he said, according to the Guardian. Lowe added that Cauchi had never been charged with knife-related offenses or found illegally possessing knives. (RELATED: REPORT: Paroled Offender Allegedly Stabs Mother, Kills Her 11-Year-Old Son. Prisoner Review Board Member Resigns)

In a statement released through Queensland Police, Cauchi’s family addressed the stabbing spree.

“We are absolutely devastated by the traumatic events that occurred in Sydney yesterday,” the family stated, according to BBC. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims and those still undergoing treatment at this time. Joel’s actions were truly horrific, and we are still trying to comprehend what has happened.”

The victims of the mass stabbing include five women and a man, according to the outlet. They all succumbed to injuries allegedly inflicted by Cauchi, who wielded a long blade, the BBC stated.