Lionel Messi’s Bodyguard Goes Into Full-Effect After Fan Runs Up On Soccer Legend

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Lionel Messi’s bodyguard ain’t playing around!

During Saturday night’s match between Lionel Messi‘s Inter Miami and Sporting Kansas City, a fan ran onto the Arrowhead Stadium pitch and interrupted the game

Well, that fan was obviously a supporter of Messi, running up to the soccer legend. But his glory wouldn’t last long, as Messi’s bodyguard, Yassine Cheuko, sprinted from the sideline and right at the fan to separate him from his boss. And quite frankly, this scene has made Cheuko a star, as the bodyguard had the opportunity to show off his elite speed and top-notch protection skills. (RELATED: Fan Of The Year: Guy Pulls Off Genius Move With Manny Machado’s HR Ball, And Then Gives Brilliant Interview After)

There were actually two cases where this happened, with one of the scenes involving a minor. With the minor in particular, the bodyguard ran up to him out of Messi‘s safety, let him snap a picture with The GOAT (so cool), and then let security take the youngin’ off the pitch.

Here’s the first scene:

And here’s the second — the one that involves the minor:

I gotta tell ya … as a Lionel Messi supporter, Inter Miami fan and South Florida enthusiast, this makes me feel really good about the protection of the great one.

But hell, the fact that Messi is currently on a two-and-a-half-year, $150 million contract, you can be sure that the bodyguard is getting paid well. And with that being the case, he better deliver.

And that he did … in flying colors.