Fan Of The Year: Guy Pulls Off Genius Move With Manny Machado’s HR Ball, And Then Gives Brilliant Interview After

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Give this man a “Fan of the Year” plaque now!

San Diego Padres superstar Manny Machado popped a home run Sunday against his division rival Los Angeles Dodgers, and how did one Dodgers fan respond? (RELATED: Beginning Of The End? Jordan Montgomery Dumps Agent Scott Boras Who Has Been Running The Game For Decades: REPORT)

By giving us one of the greatest switcheroos that we’ve ever seen in sports history after catching the ball.

In the top of the fourth inning, Machado blasted a home run that gave the Padres a 1-0 advantage. Well, that “first blood” ended up being caught by a Los Angeles fan, and like usual, the fan tossed the ball back on the field — except, there’s a catch.


Woah! Did you see that?! Roll it again:

My man caught Machado’s ball, but instead of throwing that ball on the field, he switched it out with a ball that he already had on him and threw that one instead — brilliant! Obviously, he was trying to keep Machado’s ball without getting in trouble with fellow Dodgers fans, and he nearly got away with it…

That was until ESPN caught him and called him out for it, but in even more genius, the fan took full advantage of the opportunity and gave such a grade-A interview.

And this is why we love baseball, ladies and gentlemen … so great.