Lights, Camera, Action: The G.O.A.T. Lionel Messi Pulls Off One Of The Flashiest Moves You’ll See In Season Opener

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The legend of South Beach Messi continues…

Inter Miami squared off against Real Salt Lake in their MLS season opener Wednesday night, and though the glory of South Florida took the 2-0 victory, it was Lionel Messi who stole the show with an absolutely mesmerizing move.

For the first time in Major League Soccer, Messi was in the Starting XI with ex-Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez, and as expected, it was a show in favor of the Trey as Miami dominated at Chase Stadium. (RELATED: The American Sports Betting Industry Pulled In A Whopping $10.9 Billion In 2023, 45% Increase From Previous Year)

Scoring the first goal of the season for Inter Miami was Robert Taylor, doing so off an assist from Messi. Not much longer after, Messi nearly knocked in another goal, doing so by showing off some absolutely legendary skill that you would expect from the G.O.A.T.

Cutting inside on his left foot, Messi’s path hit a roadblock as a defender from Salt Lake was on the ground injured, but it didn’t phase my man at all, as he flicked the ball to perfection over him to get a shot off.

Flashy as fu … mother, shut your mouth! Roll the tape!


God, just imagine how PERFECT of a play this would’ve been if Messi got the goal.

Hot damn, that would’ve gone down not just in Inter Miami history, but in entire soccer history — and it would’ve been great, because the 305 would’ve had representation! Roll the music!

But it’s all good, we’ll take the dub! Gloria!