Elephant Escapes Circus, Takes Stroll Down Busy City Street

YouTube/Screenshot/KTVQ/Brittany McGinnis

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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An elephant in Butte, Montana, that was scheduled to perform Tuesday at Jordan World Circus escaped before its’ act and wandered the town’s busy streets, CBS News reported.

The county’s chief executive J.P. Gallagher told CBS, “One of the circus elephants managed to escape from its’ trainer and wandered onto Harrison Ave, a bustling street in town.” Video of the elephant’s exploits around town were shared on social media. (RELATED: Baby Elephant Interrupts Kenyan Reporter And Immediately Becomes A Star)

Video captured by Brittany McGinnis shows the elephant, named Viola, strolling down the middle of a busy road with vehicles following slowly behind. Then, the mammoth enters a small strip mall parking lot and crosses in front of the entrance to a casino.

A man, apparently one of the circus trainers, is seen running behind Viola.

The woman who captured the video can be heard saying, “Oh, my god! Only in Butte. A circus elephant got loose,” before laughing and asking, “Where you going? Where you going, friend?” as the elephant disappears behind a building.

Viola reportedly caused some damage at the Civic Center, but “no one was injured,” Gallagher said. “Although there was minor damage to the facility, we are grateful that everyone remained unharmed.”

Eventually, the elephant’s trainers were able to corral her, CBS reported.

Two animal rights groups, PETA and PAWS, said in statements that this was not the first time that Viola had escaped from the circus, according to CBS.

The groups allege that Carson & Barnes, the circus that supplied the elephants to the Jordan World Circus, has been hit with citations for numerous violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, the outlet reported.

Carson & Barnes and Jordan World Circus have been contacted for comment.