TV Network Makes Major Partnership Announcement That Could Create A Revolution In US


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Paramount+ announced Tuesday the first-ever streaming partnership with the National Parks Foundation (NPF) and it sounds freaking revolutionary.

There is nothing better in this world than the places we’ve chosen to protect: Our national parks. And the U.S. has arguably the most beautiful national parks in the world, offering all of us a glimpse of Eden before future generations turn them into parking lots and probably shrines dedicated to the Kardashians or something.

But it sounds like Paramount+ and the NPF might be doing something to revolutionize our relationships with America’s wild place, which has the potential to inspire every future generation to prefer the natural world over the plastic crap they see on the internet.

Paramount+ and NPF will be offering viewers the opportunity to “explore a new location daily, unveiled through sunrise-to-sunset live streams featuring Yosemite National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, Everglades National Park, Death Valley National Park and Zion National Park,” they said in a statement shared on Tuesday. (RELATED: One National Park Hikes Price Tag To Cover Costs. Why Aren’t Our Taxes Protecting Our Land?)

The content will be filmed via solar-powered cameras and promoted as a means to “further champion our national parks and the National Park Foundation’s efforts.”

“Through majestic live streams and enthralling content, we aim to inspire our shared multigenerational audiences to connect with America’s national treasures and ensure their preservation for future generations to come,” Paramount+ and SHOWTIME EVP of Consumer Marketing Puja Vohra said in the statement.

Vohra is correct. If we introduce the youngest Americans to the sheer natural wonder that God gave America, we’ll be creating generation after generation of people who understand how important it is to protect these beautiful spaces. (RELATED: Watch A Group Of Idiot Tourists Nearly Die At Yellowstone National Park)

We might also stop the trend of kids wanting to become illiterate TikTok celebrities. Perhaps the programs will make a whole host of future park rangers, which is, at least by my definition, the coolest job in the entire world.

The project kicks off on Earth Day, April 22. And I’m very excited.