‘We’d Kick A**’: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Drinking And Smoking Made Him A Better Race Car Driver

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I can’t believe I used to not like this guy … what a cool dude.

He may be retired from NASCAR now, but I’ve honestly gotta say the 2024 version of Dale Earnhardt Jr. might be cooler than the one in his racing days. And that’s because of his blunt attitude and just saying what he wants over and over again, it’s so great.

My man has ripped NASCAR for how they treat short track races, he’s blasted them for their ignorance (like racing on Easter Sunday) and he’s become a voice for NASCAR fans alike.

Welp, Junior is back with some more thoughts, and holy hell, this is fantastic.

Get this: He claims that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes made him a better race car driver. I kid you not, he actually said this. (RELATED: ‘My Future Is Here’: Rory McIlroy Commits To PGA Amid Rumors He’s Leaving For LIV)

“This is not advice. This is bad advice. But this is what I did. I felt like I didn’t run as good or race as good if I didn’t blow off some steam on a Tuesday or Wednesday night,” said Earnhardt Jr. on a recent edition of his Dirty Mo podcast, then getting into a story about Jimmie Johnson, his Hendrick Motorsports days and how they wanted him to take care of his body.

“I’m gonna work on it. I’ll do better,” Junior said. “I’m gonna lose some weight, I’m gonna work out. I’m gonna do these new things to try and be in better physical shape and better mental shape. I would abstain from drinking or something for a couple of weeks and the results didn’t change for me.”

“And then I’d go party with my buddies or something or have friends over on a Tuesday night and we’d damn kick ass on the race weekend. I was like, ‘Maybe I’m just one of the old guards man. I need to drink and smoke cigarettes and go kick ass.'”


Dale Earnhardt Jr. … a friggin’ legend.