‘It Just Keeps Getting Worse’: Denny Hamlin Blasts NASCAR, Comes Up With Genius Idea That Involves Dale Jr. To Fix It

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The Virginia boy was 100% on point here.

Yeah, I’m sure a lot of you hate Denny Hamlin, your boos every week tell that story. But with that being said, every NASCAR fan across this beautiful country of ours should be praising the guy right now.

Say what you want about his status as a villain, but he was accurate when he absolutely blasted NASCAR on his podcast for how they’re handling short-track racing — this fresh off the Martinsville race. He criticized the brand and told them to quickly change their route before things get broken.

I think we all agree that Martinsville was a horrendous race for the most part, just another piece to a chain of bad short-track races. Winning the grandfather clock Sunday was William Byron, helping tally a 1-2-3 finish for Hendrick Motorsports in overtime. (RELATED: ‘People Are Doing S**t’: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Blasts NASCAR For Racing On Easter, Richmond Potentially Losing Date)

As usual, the ending of the Martinsville race provided some entertainment, but 99.8% of the race was garbage. And this was because there was ZERO passing, it was just a bunch of cars following the leader the entire time, with the culprit being NASCAR‘s (and Goodyear’s) terrible tires.

And my man Denny Hamlin … well … he straight up called them out for it.

“We’ll never fucking pass,” Hamlin said while pointing out that the tires had little fall-off while they were practicing for 50+ laps over the weekend. “It just keeps getting worse.”

Hamlin also has a solution to fix all of this, and it involves the legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! … and I’m sure NASCAR will get right on it. (*sarcasm*)