Winter Tries To Claw Its Way Back Into US


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Potentially damaging cold weather is returning at the end of April, ruining everyone’s fun and happiness as per freaking usual.

Forecasters warned Thursday that preventative action should probably be taken to protect plant life, vineyards, orchards and more as Mother Nature is set to throw frost across the Midwest and Northeast at the end of April, according to AccuWeather.

Despite temperatures being well above the seasonal average for the last week or so, winter will return a little too late. Temperatures throughout the Midwest and Northeast were roughly three to six degrees above normal throughout winter, which is not common during a La Niña weather cycle.

The result of the warmer than average weather was a reported $8 billion loss in winter sports activities throughout the region, AccuWeather estimated. (RELATED: Get Ready For ‘Roller-Coaster’ Weather As Spring Tries To Awaken)

But the new bout of cold weather could bring its own set of problems. “There are going to be plenty of cool fronts swinging from the northern Plains into the first half to two-thirds of May,” AccuWeather’s lead long-range meteorologist Paul Pastelock stated. “Not every push of chilly air will make it to the coastal Northeast. However, some will and the ones before May are of the most concern.”

Remember to check your local forecast before leaving the house!