Get Ready For ‘Roller-Coaster’ Weather As Spring Tries To Awaken


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Americans should prepare for “roller-coaster” weather in early March as spring attempts to awaken.

If you’re living in the Northeast, you’re probably waking up to “sharply colder” weather on Thursday, AccuWeather wrote in their forecast. And we’d better get used to this “flip-flop” between cold and warm with a major freeze-up in the coming days before temperatures start to rebound as we move through March.

“Temperatures skipped over March and surged to levels more typical of April and May with highs in the 50s, 60s and 70s F in the Northeast into the middle of the week,” AccuWeather wrote, essentially telling everyone in the Northeast all the way down to Atlanta, Georgia, to bring an extra jacket if they venture out in the next two days.

In an utterly stunning forecast map from the National Weather Service (NWS), you can clearly see the warmer temperatures get pushed out of the eastern half of the country as a cold front sweeps down from the Northwest like a dementor from “Harry Potter” as a cool pocket moves northwards in the east. (RELATED: Get Ready For A Category 6 Hurricane, But Not In The Way You Think)

The Pacific Northwest will be hit by a “major winter storm” that will spread as far south as California, bringing blizzard conditions to the Sierra Nevada mountains and widespread damaging winds, NWS noted. 2024 is technically under a La Niña weather cycle, which usually brings cooler-than-normal temperatures. But then again, this is why we call it a “weather forecast” and not a “prediction,” as this year is already off to a year of weather chaos rather than consistency.