Dinosau … I Mean … Massive 10-Foot Sturgeon Caught By Bad A** Anglers In Canada

(Photo: JOSE LUIS ROCA/AFP via Getty Images)

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What a monster!

When it comes to catching and releasing behemoth sturgeons, Canada’s Fraser River is most certainly the epicenter for doing so. Just ask any angler. In particular, ask the good folks of Sturgeon Slayers, who are on top of the mountain when it comes to record-setting fish that look like blatant dinosaurs. And, well, they’ve done it again. No shocker there, right?

Hooking up with Sturgeon Slayers, an Alberta-based crew went on their very first Fraser River fishing trip. If you’re not familiar with the Fraser River, it’s a fishery that’s meant for the sole purpose of being a catch-and-release to maintain the fishery’s health, as well as to protect sturgeons from potential overfishing. (RELATED: Hero: 49ers’ Brock Purdy Saves Woman’s Life From Near Coyote Attack)

With the Fraser River going under consistent maintenance, the fishery is known to produce the biggest sturgeon that have ever been measured here in modern history. For example, back in 2021, former NHL player Pete Peeters caught a huge sturgeon in the Fraser — it came in at a whopping 11 feet and 6 inches and weighed 890 pounds.

Just check out this hoss that Peeters caught.

And now here we go with another monster catch, this time courtesy of Sturgeon Slayers & Co. — this bad boy is over 10 feet.

I’m amazed how huge these sturgeons can get.

When I’m writing or talking about fishing, I’m always bringing up monsters like sharks and marlins, but holy hell, it looks like I need to get into the sturgeon business.

Dinosaurs clearly aren’t extinct …