Relocated Coyotes Are Using A Bracket To Determine Their Utah Name …. But Can We Trust The Public?

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Sign me up for the “Utah Stormin’ Mormons” … what a great name.

One of the biggest conversations going on in sports right now is what the new Utah NHL franchise will be named. Right now, it’s looking like they’ll be using a temporary name to kick off things in the Beehive State next season, however, owner Ryan Smith has revealed the process for how the franchise’s permanent name will be determined.

To get the fans involved, the team will use a bracket to select their name, which is a brilliant idea on paper.

“The goal is we want it to be by Utah, for Utah, and let our fans and our people and our players take part in creating that,” said Smith while speaking on Sportsnet‘s “32 Thoughtspodcast.

Like I said … the bracket idea originally appears as good, it’s a nice plan on paper, but can we really trust the public with this?

Though I will say: I’m a fan of the “Utah Stormin’ Mormons” name social media came up with, but that’s about it. The people also came up with the “Soakers,” a degenerate name that I won’t be describing here (look it up), but I can get down with Stormin’ Mormons. But that’s my point … after Stormin’ Mormons, we came up with Soakers? (RELATED: Islanders Suffer Epic 3-Goal Lead Collapse To Deepen Their Playoff Deficit To 2-0, And Just … How Does This Happen?)

Yeah … I don’t think we’re gonna be able to trust the public here. Go back to the drawing board, Utah. (Like using Stormin’ Mormons)